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            Planned Giving

            Including North Shore in your estate planning helps to ensure North Shore is here for future generations. Many methods are available that offer tax savings and benefits: wills, life insurance, life income gifts, charitable lead trusts and real estate. Before naming the School in your will or considering another kind of planned gift, consult with an attorney or financial adviser to explore what type of planned gift is best suited for you and your family.

            Please contact中国体彩官方app for more information on planned giving opportunities: Molly Ingram McDowell '80, Director of Development: mmcdowell@; 847.441.3316.
            We thank all our planned gift donors for their generous support.

            List of 5 news stories.

            • Bill Hinchliff '64

              Bill Hinchliff ’64

              Heritage Society member Bill Hinchliff ’64 has remained connected, supportive and involved with North Shore in so many ways: reunion committee member, Morning Ex presenter, steward of NSCDS history and coordinator many special alumni architectural and cultural educational tours in and out of state including Asheville, North
              Carolina, Las Vegas and Chicago, to name a few. He has developed and strengthened the connection of alumni to each other and the School. His commitment to the School is an example to all of his “Live and Serve” spirit.
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            • Bruce Jarchow ’66, parent of Bert Kelly-Jarchow ’07

              “Over the years I have tried to stay engaged and supportive of North Shore, not only as a way to say thank you for my time there, but mostly because I believe in the purpose and mission of the School. The fact that this purpose and mission has held fast for nearly 100 years, adapting and growing within an ever-changing climate, is a testament to the strength of these ideals. I make my planned gift knowing that North Shore will continue to educate and inspire for a long time to come.
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            • Lew Davis, former faculty

              “I consider the 15 years (1966-81) I spent in the Middle and Lower Schools at North Shore to have been instrumental in the development of my teaching philosophy and in my growth as an educator and as a person. I learned so much from my interactions with my students, from their parents with whom I had contact, from my colleagues and from the administrators who guided me in the divisions in which I worked.
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            • Pictured: Sam ’16 and Hannah ’13

              Susan Matejka, parent of Hannah Bottum ’13 and Sam Bottum ’16

              “We were fortunate to be in a position to offer our children a choice as to where they attended high school and both ended up at North Shore—but for very different reasons.  For Hannah, North Shore represented an opportunity to design a unique education, which included studying for a semester at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington D.C.  This experience, coupled with her Model UN participation and the strong relationships she developed with faculty, charted the course for college and beyond. 
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            • Linda Kiracibasi, Lower School Music Teacher

              “I decided to include NSCDS in my will because I believe so strongly in what we do, and how I have seen so many children grow and flourish in the North Shore Country Day School environment. I marvel at the deep ties that students and families continue to have—I can tell you so many stories of seeing my ‘grown-up kids’ and hearing them talk about their education and experiences, and how important those continue to be in their lives.” 
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            If you are interested in more information on planned giving opportunities, please contact Molly Ingram McDowell ’80 at 847.441.3316 or email her at mmcdowell@.

            List of 1 items.

            • Heritage Society

              Carlene C. Blunt '57
              Liz Washburn Borozan '57
              Miller Bransfield '80
              Michael F. Brookins '57
              Betsy Bruemmer '76
              Joya Bovingdon Cox '42
              William B. Davis '65
              Lewis Davis
              Margi Morse Delafield '65
              Sharon S. Fitzmorris '64
              Marion R. Foote '63
              Jeffrey J. Foreman '80
              Nancy Emrich Freeman
              Audrey Gallery '50
              Virginia Caspari Gerst '60
              Richard D. Golden ’44
              Walter A. Goldstein '71
              Blanche Hoyt Gordon ’40
              George Gordon '43
              *Robert C. Graff '40
              *Julie L. Hall
              Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hall
              Tonja Rizai Hall
              William B. Hinchliff '64
              Mary Pick Hines '49
              Elizabeth R. Ingram '82
              Bruce Jarchow '66
              *Mrs. Lyman W. Jeffreys
              Gwen Jessen '76
              *Mrs. Joan Palm Johnson '57
              Robert A. Jones '55
              Robert Y. Jordan '71
              Katrina Wolcott Kelley '43
              Linda Kiracibasi
              Patricia Blunt Koldyke '54
              Barbara Flint Krier ’72
              Jordan Rutledge Lockwood ’97
              Courtney Kling Luddecke '67
              Chesly J. Manly ’89
              Susan Bottum Matejka
              Suzanne Folds McCullagh '69
              Molly Ingram McDowell ’80
              Dr. Hamilton Moses III '68
              Nancy M. and Robert M. Parker
              Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Paull
              Mr. and *Mrs. Lewis D. Petry
              Spencer M. Punnett II '71
              Dr. Matthew M. Rizai
              Stuart W. Rogers '74
              Douglas M. Schmidt
              Julie A. Schmidt
              Susie Brew Schreiber '58
              Cynthia Scott and Daniel Kegan
              Frederick Todd Searle '05
              G.P. Searle '03
              Margot Sheesley '60
              Stephen L. Smith ’74
              Catherine Askow Thompson '69
              Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Washburn
              *Mal Richards Watson '37
              Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Webster, Jr.
              Donald K. Whiteman ’70 and Nancy Green Whiteman '71
              Marcia Durling Williams '68
              John Newhall Wilson '43


            Heritage Society

            Individuals who have made provisions in their will or estate plans to benefit North Shore Country Day School are recognized by the Heritage Society. This significant support and commitment of many friends of the School have allowed North Shore to grow and expand.
            Planned Gifts include bequests, trust arrangements, gifts of property, life-income gifts and life insurance. Currently, there are 69 alumni, parents, former faculty and friends of the School who have either openly or anonymously made their planned gift intentions known to the School. We sincerely thank the members of the Heritage Society for investing in the future of North Shore.

            More Information

            If you are interested in more information on planned-giving opportunities, please contact Molly Ingram McDowell ’80 at 847.441.3316 or email her at mmcdowell@.
            North Shore Country Day School is a junior kindergarten through 12th grade, college-preparatory school founded in Winnetka, Illinois in 1919.  With rigorous academic pursuit as the cornerstone, North Shore provides many opportunities for all students to excel – in the classroom and the laboratory, on the stage and the playing field, in their communities and beyond.

            CONTACT US


            T: 847.446.0674
            F: 847.446.0675

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